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As associate HD wallet, KeepKey permits you to get and store a limiteless range of personal keys. A “private key” may be a refined variety of cryptography that permits you to access your cryptocurrency.

In addition to bitcoin, the KeepKey wallet permits the storage and group action of a spread of cryptocurrencies, as well as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Namecoin. this is often ideal if you’re victimization multiple cryptocurrencies or wanting to create a portfolio of digital assets.

KeepKey integrates with the wallet package on your laptop by seizing personal key generation, personal key storage and group action language.

however do I add currency to my wallet?
Getting started with KeepKey is as simple as downloading 2 Chrome applications – one for generating a wallet and one for connecting to KeepKey through Chrome. when the initial setup, you just add an account and choose the cryptocurrency you would like to feature or exchange. this allows you to deposit cryptocurrency and exchange one for an additional (e.g. you can exchange an quantity from your bitcoin account to your Ethereum account). 

How’s it work?
You can use your KeepKey with any mac, Windows, or UNIX system} operating systems. The wallet additionally contains a Google Chrome plug-in that’s accessible for you to use.

To initialize your KeepKey, you would like to plug it into your laptop with a USB drive when downloading the consumer software from the Chrome app store. The consumer features a simple, easy interface with clear directions on a way to perform basic actions like causing and receiving funds, viewing transactions, and adding multiple accounts. As i discussed before, authentication and group action confirmations are performed through the physical wallet. the massive screen and clear text facilitate to bring peace of mind once acting these vital and generally irreversible actions. 

security measures.
engaging style.
 Multi-currency support.
 price for cash.

 needs third-party software add-on.
 Less transportable than TREZOR or Ledger.
 cannot save setup progress.

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