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Blockchain Customer Support Number +1【(810) 355-4365】


Why Should Need Of Blockchain Support Number read below article:-

The blockchain is considered as the world’s most popular digital wallet for the purpose to store bitcoins and ether. Blockchain wallet platform was created in 2011 and the head office is based out of Luxembourg. Blockchain wallet has some blockchain explorer which is formed with an aim to help the concerned users understand the current bitcoin position including the latest transactions and the number of transactions undergoing every day. Blockchain wallet is having a very simple user interface and this wallet is tallying trading features to itself. Very recently it integrated the capability to buy BTC on android wallets as well. Blockchain wallet is an open source wallet and it has the facility of two-factor authentication and multi-address signature as well. Blockchain wallet is companionable with ios and android users as well apart from web browsers. Blockchain wallet is completely free to use however users need to pay some transaction commission fee every time currency gets deposited or withdrawn from the wallet. This wallet is configured with a three-step security level.

Some PROS of using this wallet is mentioned below:-


  • Very simple and Easy to use
  • Free for all users
  • Open source wallet
  • Systematic documentation available, including how-to-do videos and 3 step security
  • Accessible through the web as well as mobile devices,
  • Does not store the secret or personal keys for your wallet

Having said that despite having these features customers are complaining that their withdrawals are not processing, customers have been waiting for multiple days for transaction to happen, and their inability to access blockchain account as well but Bitfinex had some issues to process new deposits and withdrawals. If you are stuck for you fund to be withdrawn and not able to access your blockchain account, contact out Blockchain support Phone number +1【(810) 355-4365】


Having all these good features and add-on assistances for its customers, this wallet has many flaws also accompanying this. Users have faced problems with this as being an online wallet, it is more susceptible to get hacked when equated to off-line wallets. Some users have difficulty with blockchain wallet as it has only access for bitcoin and ethereum. Many users find it a little problematic to go through the authentication process to use their own wallets. Users have another issue elevated by them as they can’t buy cryptocurrency openly with fiat currency with blockchain wallet.

Few more complaints recounted by users are as mentioned below:-

  • Stealing of funds from existing Blockchain wallet
  • Sign In the issue with the wallet
  • Verification delayed for many users
  • Delay in response to users issues by customer support
  • Security issue with the wallet as its online
  • Access denied issue for many customers
  • Blockchain wallet loading issue in some network areas
  • Browser related disputes

Users have been complaining that even though having their 2FA verified, they are not able to log in. Many users have conveyed that whenever they try to log in they get a pop up that email verification is pending, but they have reported that they never received any email for login. Blockchain site is getting in flowed with an addition in a number of complaints being raised by users every day. We have our live support for blockchain correlated queries and we always try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Users can contact Blockchain Support Number ((810) 355-4365.

Our live support team will help you all the time from anywhere, you have to provide your registration details, user id and verified mobile number to get help.

Blockchain Customer Support Number +1-(810) 355-4365 is available 24/7.

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