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Liberty X Support Phone Number +1【(810) 355-4365】


Why Need Of Liberty X Support Number Read Below Article:-

LibertyX, erstwhile called Liberty Teller, is best known for launching the primary Bitcoin ATMs within the U.S in 2014. although they not operate the ATMs, Liberty X has big to be the biggest retail Bitcoin exchange network in the united states. Users install the app then will seek for the foremost convenient native retail partner that accepts money payments in thirty-nine of the us states.

This retail exchange is ideal for us residents who wish to quickly purchase Bitcoin with money. LibertyX announces on their website that they’re presently seeking solutions to feature additional payment choices and presumably additional coins apart from BTC. In Sept 2017, the interface was updated so as to standardize the user expertise across the mobile and internet platform each for beginners and consultants. what quantity will it price to use LibertyX?

The LibertyX app is liberal to transfer and use, and LibertyX charges no extra dealing fees for exploitation the app.
When buying bitcoin with money from a collaborating vendor, you will incur a convenience fee from the seller. LibertyX lets vendors set their own fees, and this might vary from location to location, however all prices ought to be accurately displayed through the app on a store-by-store basis.  

Is LibertyX safe to use?

LibertyX uses SSL encoding on its website and for all client communications. client info is keep on encrypted onerous disks. Currently, LibertyX transactions ar handled completely in money, eliminating any potential vulnerability related to connecting your bank account.

LibertyX will need some ID verification details so as to form an account, probably as well as a driver’s license scan for a few customers. LibertyX permits customers to receive bitcoin during a billfold of their alternative, inserting a lot of of the protection responsibility on users. selecting a secure bitcoin billfold to store your funds is extremely counseled. 


  •     purchase bitcoin with money at collaborating locations.
  •     quick dealing completion.
  •     client info collected by LibertyX is encrypted.
  •     Store bitcoin during a wallet of your alternative.
  •     You don’t got to set a bank account to use LibertyX.
  •     Convenient Store surveyor map is constructed in to the app, permitting you to   look your space.
  •     Trailblazer program rewards customers with $5 in bitcoin for being the first to use new LibertyX stores.
  •     Makes it simple for stores to hitch the network and begin providing bitcoin services.


  •     LibertyX stores might not be handily accessible altogether areas.
  •     Some personal info is needed to form a LibertyX account.
  •  so as to extend your daily most purchase to the bitcoin equivalent of $1,000, you wish to supply extra personal info to LibertyX.
  •     LibertyX stores could charge convenience fees on transactions.
  •     Some LibertyX stores solely method transactions in given amounts, such as $5, $10, $20.
  •     Potential for security vulnerabilities could vary on a store-to-store basis.
  •     Some employees at physical locations is also unfamiliar with bitcoin or the LibertyX interface.

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