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KUCOIN SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER +1【(810) 355-4365】:-

Why Should Need Of Kucoin Support Number Just Read Below Article:-

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange supporting access to an extensive range of currencies to its users, it is situated out in Hongkong. It has a miscellaneous number of trading pairs, trade fees are also judiciously connected to other digital currencies exchange. Kucoin doesn’t covenant in fiat currencies. Trading fees are also deducted from the value user’s trade.

Users usually get a rebate of 1-30 % in their trading fees on holding cryptocurrencies, subject to the condition that the users must have six or more amount of cryptocurrencies to gain the discount. There is no deposit commission fee in Kucoin exchange and withdrawal fee depends on the currency being withdrawn. Trading fees are also inexpensive as it is charged as (0.1%) of a trading amount. Kucoin doesn’t allow to purchase cryptocurrencies unswervingly through credit/debit cards. Users need to purchase through credit/debit card in some other exchange and then relocate that to kucoin.

Users don’t need to have any authentication process to have a trading account on Kucoin platform, they can vision market status without registering but to implement the actual trade they are required to sign up but no verification is generally required.Kucoin has very durable API, a user interface is also very simple and tough. A user receives some concession by holding coin positions on this exchange, which encourages traders to do trading with kucoin.  Kucoin doesn’t permit users to buy currencies with debit /credit cards they are supposed to buy it from other source and then relocation to Kucoin.

Users have confronted login issue on Kucoin exchange, after entering all login identifications nothing was happening, submission of login was also not being recognized; a login is a major problem in Kucoin Platform when there is high traffic volume. Validation emails on deposit and withdrawal and password change link were also going into spam folders instead of account holder’s inbox. Some major issue reported by users are listed below:

  • Most of the times the Service gets down
  • The trouble with a transfer of money to one another
  • Sign In issues with kucoin
  • Unexpected longer response time from the server
  • Verification delayed
  • Delay in activation of a card for transfer of funds
  • Connectivity issue/ dispute with internet
  • Various times money gets deducted from the card for one transaction

In the commencement when there were less problems with kucoin, users never tried to contact kucoin support and sometimes let it go. But with an increase in the use of kucoin and its demand number of disputes and problems are also increasing as well as a number of complaints are also getting enormous. Later with the rising competition with other exchanges kucoin decided to have its own Support Number +1-315-375-9460 and Live support system for its users. Users are requested to contact kucoin support number +1-315-375-9460 for any issue listed above and other new issues as well.

Our kucoin Support Number team functions 24/7 throughout the year to help you out.

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