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HitBTC SUPPORT NUMBER+1-888-396-0583:-

HITBTC is a key player in market of crypto currency exchange which was enumerated in United Kingdom in 2015. HitBTC exchange supports its users to assemble most of the common crypto-currency to crypto-currency trading pairs. The volume of trade trending on the exchange has been growing every day with a very good pace. The exchange has comparatively good security features compared to its contenders and each users is thought to have their two factor authentication done before initiation of any trade.  HitBTC exchange has some trading transaction commission fee for each transaction, the value of trade fee depends on whether the order is achieved instantaneously or it is positioned on order book for future. If a transaction/trade is executed instantly then the fee is quite less that is 0.1% and if placed on the order book traders mostly receive a rebate on trading fee. Withdrawal fee in this exchange is very high equated to rival exchanges. Users can deposit funds in HitBTC through their bank account transfers, credit cards etc. For finishing any trade or to transfer from one HitBTC to another every user has to transfer the amount from their main account to their HITBTC trade account which is anobligation in individual transaction.

Users are not prerequisite to have their user’s registration, and the exchange supports them to have full trade, HitBTC itself distributes full access for trading. Like other block chains presented in crypto market HitBTC transactions are 100% irreversible, so it becomes very essential for each and every user to get their accounts secured with some strong passwords and empowering 2FA for better security of their accounts.

Although despite doing such strong and powerful options for its users the exchange is encumbered with millions of complaints raised by users which is increasing day by day. Some mutual issues registered by users are mentioned below:

  • Issue in qualifying Two factor authentication
  • Liquidity problem with the exchange
  • Funds become unobtainable for trade time to time
  • Forgot password option stopovers working
  • Security issues
  • Theft of coins from user’s accounts even though they are offline
  • Sign in issue to accounts
  • Transaction issue while trade
  • User’s account postponement
  • Slowdown of platform in case of dense traffic which directs to loss for users.

The problems and reasons for those problems of users have got substantial growth which is major area of concern for the exchange, as it is a mark ablefactor in success of any exchange. The HitBTC exchange has decided to initiate itsSUPPORT SYSTEM for its users to get their problems solved ASAP. This is the only support number which is operational 24/7 round the clock throughout the year. To get help on any of issues related to HitBTC contact our HITBTC SUPPORT NUMBER +1-888-396-0583. 

We have been cracking the issues in minutes and users are required to provide their registered email id and contact details…



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