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GDAX SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER +1【(817)-385-9365】

Why Need Of Gdax Support Number Read Below Article:-

With the exponential growth rate of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and other altcoins, there is a sudden growth in the entrance level individuals every day. With the Upsurge in demand, the buy-sell orders amplified superficially as well and so did the issues with several crypto exchanges. In this article, we will be converting the benefits of using GDAX, common issues with GDAX and how one can reach the customer support of GDAX.

GDAX(Global Digital Asset Exchange) is a sister concern of Coinbase, it is considered to be the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange by Bitcoin trading volume, and is controlled by NewYork Department of Financial Services. GDAX supports users to trade their digital assets like Bitcoin. Earlier it was known as Coinbase exchange. Coinbase website is slightly reformed as GDAX; Gdax is also very well known for having its low trading fees. It is compulsory for users to have an account with Coinbase, only then they can open an account for GDAX. There is no demonstrator account for users, user can take help from user interface during login and transactions.


  • Appropriate for professional traders
  • Highly Competitive fees
  • Access to some of the world’s prominent cryptocurrencies
  • Fully structured in the United States
  • Highly liquid exchange

Although GDAX exchange is not considered to be ideal for new beginners. Despite providing all these benefits and perks GDAX is reported to have many issues associated with this. Users have been reported for account registration, sign in issue, transaction issues etc with GDAX. Some major issues are listed below with GDAX:


  • Account opening and registration issue
  • Sign in issue.
  • Password reset and retrieval issue.
  • Inability to buy and sell bitcoins
  • Safety issue from hackers
  • Delay in Two-factor authentication
  • Access repudiated issue
  • Slow processing of exchange/ loading issue
  • Users account don’t have privacy, being observed by coinbase/GDAX
  • Closed and suspended accounts issue

Users have been complaining about 2FA authentications, that despite of qualifying that they are not able to log in. Many users have raised the issue that whenever they try to log in they get a pop up that email verification pending, but they never received any email for login. We have been receiving millions of problems reported every day from users and the site is getting in poured with excess in a number of complaints being raised by users every day.

We have our live support for GDAX related queries and we are always ready to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Users can contact GDAX support number +1-817-385-9365

Our live support team will assist you anytime from anywhere, you have to submit your registration details, user id and certified mobile number to get help.


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