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CEX.IO SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER  +1【(817)-385-9365】:-

Why Should Need Of Support Number just Read Below Article:-

CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange. Initially, it operated both as a bitcoin exchange as well as cloud mining service. CEX.IO was initiated in 2013 in LONDON. It was initiated as a private limited company in the UK. In 2015 CEX.IO withdrew its mining service and now onwards it exclusively operates as a cryptocurrency exchange. CEX.IO users have admission to having cross-platform trading via the website and mobile app (which is available as Android and iOS), Web Socket and Rest API as well.

This exchange is becoming the very famous and very huge volume of users have registered themselves using it, as it has a very simple user interface that is very perfect for new beginners. This exchange has a capability of the multi-account system very useful for both institutional as well as individual uses. CEX.IO has the competence of KYC (know your customer) as well as AML (Anti-money Laundering). This exchange involves all its users to have verification and registration before use. This authentication process requires all users to provide their email address, telephone number, setting up a password and then verifying both the telephone number and the email address as a compulsory condition. CEX.IO also has an option for a two-factor authentication system, using either by SMS option/automated phone call option or through the Google Authenticator app. If your app not working well at ios & android do not panic just call our Phone Number and Resolve all issues.

Users can purchase crypto coins through their debit/credit cards or wire transfer is also appropriate. For European users, SEPA option is also offered. Credit /debit card authentication takes up to 48 hours of time but once verified users can buy bitcoins directly through their accounts. However, it has one fault that after verification user’s details and private information will be stored with CEX.IO for minimum 5 years even though users remove their accounts.

CEX.IO charges a transaction fee commission of 3.5% + $0.25 / £0.20 fees for each credit card deposits to user’s accounts. Credit card purchases could be processed suddenly once the card is confirmed.

CEX.IO charges its users around 7% of service charge commission, which is involved in the price of the cryptocurrency being purchased/sold on the exchange. Although, this service charge is only appropriate when users are buying directly from CEX.IO.Having said that despite having all support things there are some imperfections associated with this.

Possible Concerns With CEX.IO Is Listed Below:-

Hidden Charges Issues: Some users have reported that the exchange has additional fees (+ $0.25 / £0.20 f) which amount to ‘hidden charges’. If you are a CEX.IO user and need any assistance on these charges details just contact our Support Number +1-817-385-9365

Withdrawal issues: Some users have criticized that after elimination of account they kept on waiting for more than two month time at CEX.IO for payment of their funds back to their credit cards. It made the users very irritated and started having less faith with the exchange. If you are also experiencing such issues contact our Support Number +1-817-385-9365.

Transaction issue in CEX.IO: Some users have stated that the exchange didn’t permit them to transfer their bitcoins to other bitcoins wallets. They used to get a pop up of Contact support. Some users have an issue with their balance presented with CEX.IO, as after transfer of either their fund didn’t accredit back to other wallet and CEX.IO didn’t confirm for a transaction. Their fund got lost from their accounts too. If you are also facing such concerns we are just a call away, contact our Support Phone Number +1-817-385-9365.

24/7 Availability of Customer Support Number For Help:-

Our Customer Support Number team promises you to have their support available 24/7, 365 days. Users are entreated to have their registered mail id, phone number and of course the issue detail with them.

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